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Help following Judges directons received....

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    Dear Members,
    I am in civil proceedings (Multi-Track) for the amount originally for 65,000.00 (GBP). Now such over 90,000.00 (GBP) and will increase with interest per day of around 160.00 (GBP) {this amount includes agreed interest duly shown within the 'Contact Lien', 'Debtors interest', and that of 'Statutory Civil Proceedings Interest'}.

    I am the Claimant but now with no money to appoint a solicitor i have to become 'litigant in person'. The dual signed 'Contract Lien' that the Defendant and I signed and the 'Out of Pocket expenses' in chronological date order (with most receipts held) are solid evidence that the Defendant is fully liable for such re-payments.

    The Defendant does hold representation. Before such they could not afford, but following from my prior help and intervention over the last 36 months the roles of finance have swapped.

    As the Defendant has become avaricious and will not pay. Therefore, I am risking the debtors duly owed and I am the old fashioned phrase of "browning from Peter to pay Paul... and so on". This tactic, although not the best, is allowing me to avoid a debtor making a 'bankruptcy application' against me, although I know this will not last and will in due course become harder and harder to carry this method on.

    At present my income is that any state benefit and I have now sold all my prior assets, and this will start to become shortfall(s) to debtors.

    In the circumstances, I am replying on others to help to: live, eat (food banks have been monthly given), and to the point of payment for essential basic hygiene requirements.

    The state money I receive and the tactic and liquidating assets stated above leaves me with no money and the Defendant and the Defendant’s side family knows this.

    The stage of progress is this:
    1. Court application – Done
    2. Reply to the Defendants Defence and the Defence to the Defendant’s Counterclaim Defence – Done
    3. Pre-Court mediation requested – Denied by Defendant and Solicitors (in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules 26.4) – Defendant Denied to Agree
    4. Defendant’s Solicitors offered 3,000.00 (GBP) in full settlement (in accordance to CPR Part 18) – I the Claimant Denied and I consider such as a JOKE, especially the money duly owed’
    5. Direction Questionnaire – Served
    6. Draft Proposed Directions – Not Done, as I do not know how to create such and the documentation that should be in such. I the Claimant did notify the Defendant’s Solicitors and the Court.
    7. President H Costs and Budget – Defendant Filled. As a ‘Litigant in Person’, I the Claimant did not need to provide such.
    8. The presentation of 6 and 7 above, the Defendant’s Solicitors did not liaise with me prior to service to the Court. – I the Claimant did notify the Defendant’s Solicitors and the Court


    The Judge has reviewed the above numbered points and has ordered the following to me as the Claimant:
    1. Claimant to file and se to each party three (3) clear days before the ‘CCMC’ Costs and Case Management Conference.
    2. Claimant to provide and where some but not all of the directions have been agreed. In such the Claimant must indicate clearly which proposed directions are subject to disagreement.
    3. Chronology
    4. Case Summary
    5. One page of the Precedent H of all parties to enable the Judge to compare for each party of each phase of the litigation (as ‘Litigant in Person’, I considered that I do not need to do such).
    6. Claimant and Defendant to endeavour to agree costs budgets and shall notify the Court in 14 (fourteen) days of the Order. - This was received today and therefore this only gives me 9 (nine) days or 5 (five) business days, the 5 (five) days are due to the bank holiday.
    7. If budgets are not agreed, then the parties must revise such electronically at the hearing and adapt the assumptions and contingencies as agreed or directed.
    8. Revised budgets must be re-filed and re-served in accordance with ‘PD3E’ (whatever this abbreviation means I do not know?).
    9. If costs budgets are agreed the hearing time will be reduced at the ‘CMC’ Case Management Conference with a revised tie estimate. Claimant to arrange.

    Well that is it so far. Thank you for reading this and any help and guidance would high be appreciated in advance.

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Updated: August 28, 2016
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