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How do you organise your uni notes?

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    Last year I ended up with 5 ring binders (one for each module) jam-packed with mostly printed out lecture slides and not many hand written notes. I also tried to take notes on my laptop, but I found that I was pretty much copying and pasting from lecture slides, not understanding the content and just shoving them into a ring binder. You can probably imagine that is was hell when it came to exams!

    How do you organise your notes? What are your preferred method of taking notes during lectures? How do you adapt your notes for exam preparation?

    I'm thinking of having a note pad to take to lectures for 'rough notes' and then an exercise book per module for 'neat notes', what do you think?

    I'm interested in what's said in this thread! I start a Law degree this year and my current plan is to type all my notes in OneNote (including typing in lectures) and keep them electronically, and then write them out as revision. I do have folders, but they'll be used for any handouts, and I'll aim to keep everything on my computer so it's legible (my handwriting is bad), accessible anywhere and searchable. I don't know whether my plan will work out as well as intended though.

    I study maths, so lectures are slightly different but not as you think. For most subjects, it's great as notes are provided and what you have to do is print them out and annotate them as you go, by listening to what's being said. Myself (and pretty much everyone I saw) was copying out word for word what the lecturer wrote on the board, but there quickly comes a time where you're just copying everything mindlessly rather than understanding it, so if you can have the notes in front of you (either print out the slide) or just look at what's on the slide and take any extra notes from what the lecturer saying and you think is of extra value, and add it in (or if you have the ppt file, add notes at the bottom on the laptop in your lectures) and go over it after.

    I have a filing cabinet, with a drawer for each module.

    I then have notebooks where I condense these notes.
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Updated: August 29, 2016
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