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Advice to NEW Year10/GCSE/O-Level Students

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    I'd appreciate any other input from previous Year 10 students and the crucial advice you'd give to new ones.
    Advice from a pre YR12 Student:

    Key Points:
    Remember that GCSE's DO matter and they will mean something in the future when it comes to getting into University, it might well be the deciding factor between you and a similar candidate.

    Take them seriously and learn in the limited lessons you have, but still have fun.. when it comes to Year 11, pretty much straight off the bat it is more focused revision and a little stressful.

    The step up from pre-GCSE work isn't really that much, It still feels like a similar difficulty level, the only real difference being that the information you are learning WILL come up in your exams, so you'll need to remember it.

    I kept notes every lesson, even little details and I honestly have not loved myself enough when it came to doing revision, whilst in the lesson you think 'oh, ill remember that' but a week later? NOPE.

    You'll also probably find that you find other subjects more fun, despite that fact you need to just make sure you work to the same standard in every lesson, and even if you feel that the lesson is 'pointless' or 'not worth it' just make sure you put in the effort to pass it first time in your exams, and then you won't need to touch it again!
    You'll also find that you'll start to like subjects you maybe weren't previously interested in and perhaps your career choices will change, thats why having such a broad amount of lessons is quite good.

    Don't be an idiot :
    Just because you see other people skipping lessons and not paying attention, doesn't mean you should follow - as previously mentioned, even content from my very first Science lessons came up in my exams, and missing them means you don't have them noted down and thus might not revise them etc.

    Mock Exams?!?!? :
    Revise for them. They do matter and will make a difference.
    The mock exam results you get over the course of doing GCSE work really does matter, for example - my mock exam results were sent to my choice Sixth Form and was the deciding factor in them reserving me a space.
    It also allows you to see where you are lacking in revision or simply in content.

    Revise early:
    Revising earlier allows you to put in the same amount of time revising but over a longer time period, perhaps doing 1-2hrs 3 times a week for some subjects.

    Revise your worst parts/aspects of subjects regularly and revise for End Of Unit tests - as stupid as this sounds, they really aren't for the teacher and they will let you see what you need to improve upon!

    Learn from my mistakes..:
    100% most important advice: DO YOUR COURSEWORK WHEN YOU GET IT. When it comes to doing coursework, it most probably will take up a few lessons, and in that time you get quite relaxed and might not work as hard, instead just try and put in as much effort into it until you complete it, just so you don't have to make up for it with loads of effort closer to the deadline date.

    I only really speak from experience - with my Computing coursework, I left it up to the last 2 weeks until the deadline to really get it started properly, and ended up doing the majority of it at home.. 4pm - 7pm most nights, I pulled it off though and got an A* in both.. it really shouldn't have came to doing so much work after school though.

    A-Level/University :
    Surely it's too early to start looking at this?!? - Nope.

    Looking at potential Sixth/College entry requirements and potential University course requirements will enable you to see what grades you WILL need to have and what subjects you CANNOT afford to fail
    for example: to do my course at University, I needed a minimum of a B at GCSE to get in.
    I also need to have Computer Science at A-Level and for that my Sixth Form requires you get atleast a B at GCSE in Computing.

    With that knowledge, I can tell that I might need to try a little harder in some subjects that others, in order to get higher grades.

    Regardless of what I've said, enjoy your new 9-1 boundaries and new courses! (AHH!)
    I'd appreciate any other input from previous Year 10 students and the crucial advice you'd give to new ones.
    My points are mainly focused on academic things (because I'm a nerd...) so, any other survival advice would be awesome!

    I'd say don't start revising too early. Around Easter is a good time to start serious revision (3-5 hours a day), unless you're very behind or you struggle in a particular subject. If you really want to start early, good idea is to only do 1 hour a day. If y, then build up to your max near easter. If you start doing 4 hours of revision per day from Christmas onwards, you'll burn out and lose motivation and you'll slow down when it counts most (trust me when I say that you lose motivation very quickly near the end of exams).
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