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Would YOU be put off a uni with a high crime rate? First 50 to have their say get a £5 Amazon voucher! 27-10-2016

    Defo deal breaker for me. I don't want to French kiss someone who tastes bad and smells of smoke. But if I liked them enough, I'd help them get off it.

    Constant smoking, no thanks. Socially? I can deal with that. Vaping would also be fine.

    (Original post by HapaxOromenon3)
    Given that electronic cigarettes exist, there is no reason in 2016 for anyone to still be using tobacco.
    You honestly have no idea what your talking about, E-cigs are nothing and a waste of time. Tabacco is a hit and rush high, you smoke and almost instantly you get a massive nic buzz, how strong it is count on how long you had your last smoke and how much you smoke a day; and a nic buzz is nice, its a massive reasons as to why people smoke. E-cig, you can smoke for hour, and i mean hours and you wont get a real buzz, or a buzz anywhere close to the first 3 puff of a cig ( due to the way it's absorbed and the amount of e-cig puffs that = 1 cig puff, if i remember 1 puff of a cig - 10 puffs of a E-cig at 18MG juice). I have no idea why anyone would use a E-cig, unless theyre trying to quit smoking, since E-cigs is like breathing in steam, it has no real Nic buzz at all ( its does have some nice effects, but theyre nothing like a nic buzz, it makes you clam and sleepy from an E-cig, were as tobacco makes you sharp and jittery ), even in its highest MG, it taste great though, but if your using a E-cig for a taste, your a bigger retard than a smoker. This coming from someone who smoked 2 years and used a vape for 2 months, vapes a pile of ****, unless you want to quit, if you want to quit they are nothng less than a god send, if your looking for a buzz theyre pile of crap, if youve never smoked and your using a E-cig your not only wasting money but your also harming your health for no buzz, which is more retarded than people who smoke Cigs.

    to answer the OP, I dunno, I smoke and think i might quit one day.. liking another smoker would be extremely convenient and helpful, if any of us run out of smokes or need a light, we have both of us to get it from. then again it would be pretty hard to quit if one of us chose to... since your with another smoker. Its really hard to quit if other people, friends, family also smoke around you. overall i dont really think itll play a massive part, even if i quit. Also where i live, ill say easily 25% of girls my age smoke, same with guys... the 25% get a lot higher if you add the people who smoke weed+tabacco, so i doubt many ppl factor smoking into a relationship.

    My friend who is in a relationship does have clause that he can't get intimate with his girlfriend unless he doesn't smoke the day before.also im not gonna lie smokers stink, but we honestly dont notice it, since our taste buds and sense of smell is near non- existent,

    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    :wtf: 5-10 A DAY? Whether you smoke 1 or Over 9000 its still smoking.
    You're right, which is why I don't smoke. However, I wouldn't want to inflict my views on my partner. My reasoning here is that it's less expensive, less disruptive to daily living etc.
    I know how damaging smoking is to health, but it's also very hard to talk someone out of it- so this is more of a balance. Certainly not the ideal
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Updated: August 29, 2016
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