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How was your experience of moving into halls?

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    To those who have experienced moving into halls- how was it? Was it a positive experience, negative or awkward. How often did you go out in freshers week etc. Just curious to know as i'm dreading it :O

    definitely positive... everyone is super friendly and helpful when you first move in, it's definitely daunting to wave goodbye to your parents knowing you're surrounded by strangers in a city where you don't even know where the nearest supermarket is but everyone is in the same boat so people help each other out

    I went out 4/5 nights a week for the first couple of weeks

    keep your door open for the first day or two as much as possible
    don't go anywhere alone, if you need to go to the supermarket/want a maccies then knock on doors and see if someone will come - opportunity to meet people
    bake/bring sweets or something for your kitchen/living room and write (from ________ room ___)
    don't worry about how you come across, people just want to make friends - suggest things (takeaway, breakfast out etc)
    meet as many people as possible and talk to everyone, your best friends won't necessarily be the first people you meet
    also: if you have any drinking games take them with you! having a game makes the first night or two a bit less awkward as you have something to do... board games are also fun/good (and can be turned into drinking games easily!)

    (Original post by L33t)
    To those who have experienced moving into halls- how was it? Was it a positive experience, negative or awkward. How often did you go out in freshers week etc. Just curious to know as i'm dreading it :O
    Hello ,

    Halls was a massively fantastic experience - it really submerged me into 'student life' and I really embraced it and I believe it's what gave me such a positive 'student life' experience in First Year. There were ups and downs throughout the year but that's just life really and living! It's a fantastic experience and really was fun.
    On moving in day, take sweets/cakes and leave them in your common room with a note offering people to take one and what room you are in, buy a doorstop and use it as much as possible whilst you live there, people will pop their heads in and it's nice to know that you are open to people saying hi etc. Just embrace the experience!

    In Freshers Week, I attended every SU event but waited until the week after to hit the town as that's what I was comfortable with.

    You'll have a fantastic time!
    Best of luck
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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