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Being 10 is the greatest age ever

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    Think about it, its not like when you're ridiculously young and have your life completely controlled by your parents you have a fair bit of freedom and your parents let you go out on your own with friends, you don't have to worry about exams girls or money and can just spend all your time pissing around with your best friends or playing video games without a care in the world.

    Once you're in year 6 you're the king of the playground and all the lower years have to show respect, the classes actually involve interesting topics which are somewhat challenging and in my school you got to go on a kick ass residential end of year trip as well as have legendary school discos throughout the year. Although it was fun basically just playing in a sandbox and colouring in for a year in reception, I don't think even that can compare to being aged 10. In many ways my life peaked at this age, wish I could go back.

    Nah, 69 is

    I literally can't remember anything I did when I was 10 years old.

    I didn't like the residential my school took us on because I am Afraid of heights and fast things. And what do they force me to go on? The high rope, the giant swing, the pole you jump off, abseiling. I was crying my eyes out and they wouldn't let me get off. So no that wasn't fun.
    My parents wouldn't let me go out on my own at 10 because they deemed it too young- so no I didn't have that luxury either.
    I hated my primary school because I was verbally bullied by the people there or left out and isolated by certain girls.
    The only thing I did have was that I could play video games when i got back from school in peace without worrying about whether I should be doing something more productive. But then someone in my class found out I was playing this video game and told all the guys who made fun of me for it.
    So yes that was my childhood at 10- best year of my life ha ha ha ha

    16 is the best age

    I disagree with freedom bit - that's a chav life.

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Updated: August 29, 2016
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