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A-Level German Revision Resources? A Question From an American Student

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    Hello! I am an American high school student (in the US) about to enter the twelfth grade. I have been taking German for the past two years and am going to be taking Pre-AP German 3 in school this year. Pre-AP German 3 is supposed to prepare you to take Advanced Placement German 4 (AP is the American equivalent of A Levels, though I assume that A Levels are more rigorous and comprehensive than AP courses) the next year. I would like to take the AP German test because I would like to try to receive the AP International Diploma (I've heard it reviewed as the College Board's equivalent of IB, but, again, I know that IB is an actual program that's more rigorous and comprehensive), which requires you to take a certain number of examinations and receive at least a 3 out of 5 score on all of them. 3's are not very difficult to get, you just have to do mediocre work, but because I'll be taking the test in a foreign language, and also because I'm a year behind, I'll be needing to study outside of school. No US test prep companies make revision books for the AP German exam (despite making a book for every other AP subject), so I've been having a difficult time looking for resources that I can work on during the school year to supplement my classwork. I thought that maybe I could find good A Level resources that could possibly help me with this goal. Could anyone recommend any good A Level German revision books?

    Thank you all!

    P.S. I hope you all got the results you wanted on your exams, and I wish you all luck on getting into university and having a successful and happy time once in uni!

    (Original post by dancingmunchkin)
    I thought that maybe I could find good A Level resources that could possibly help me with this goal. Could anyone recommend any good A Level German revision books?
    Good job thinking outside the box, but a) UK revision systems aren't as developed? commercialized? as the US and (more importantly) b) studying A level German is likely to make things more problematic, not less.

    Having done languages (French, Spanish and Latin, though not German) on both sides of the Atlantic I have seen how differently they are taught. You would think that they cover the same material, and obviously there is a lot of overlap, but what is taught, in what order and what is emphasized is really really different.

    I think you would be better off looking at these resources: http://www.fluentu.com/german/blog/a...exam-practice/ (in addition to what's on the AP website, obviously)
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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