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Dangers of falling for someone too fast?

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    I met a girl recently and we instantly clicked, started to hang out a lot, and became intimate within a month of knowing of each other. A month later, she's moved a few hundred miles away, and we're trying a long distance thing. I said I'd never start a relationship with long distance again, and although it seems crazy to me, given how much we've clicked, I think it would be even crazier not to try. I really think I've found my soulmate, and I have never used that word before. This is completely new territory to me - I've been in love before, and while I don't think this is love yet, I've never fallen for someone so fast, or felt so on the same wavelength as another person. This had been extremely quick, far quicker than I'm used to. It's really exciting and a bit scary too. Having been in some long distance relationships before, I know some of the difficulties, and we've talked about how to address them, spoke about what we want regarding things such as exclusivity, and so on. That's the short background. What I'm asking is: is it dangerous to fall for someone so quickly? Do you think I should have put up more barriers to my own emotions, or let my heart go where it wants to go? When is it safe to allow yourself to be vulnerable? Do you just think I'm lusting? It really does not feel that way to me, and slowing things down now seems so unnatural.

    Be careful - she may start manipulating or using you for her own good
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    (Original post by The_JoKeR)
    Be careful - she may start manipulating or using you for her own good
    I am almost certain she is not the type. I've met her friends, we've talked about family, dreams, etc. I'm a good reader of people, and if she isn't genuine, then I wouldn't trust anyone.
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Updated: August 29, 2016
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