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Tips for freshers at Nottingham/UoN

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    I'm going to be studying at UoN this September - any general, specific or not-so-well-known tips about the city and/or UoN would be greatly appreciated

    Just a few to get you started:

    • Stay away from...
    • X is the best...
    • X sells out fast on freshers so buy tickets before you move in...
    • X event on freshers week is bad so wait it out/don't go
    • X is best for cheap...
    • Everyone should try/go to...
    • Don't bother...

    don't feel the need to go to every single night of freshers! you will not be laughed at or frowned upon if you don't go to something! nottingham is a wicked student city just avoid the meadows or st anns estates. the freshers night at ocean will be one of the worst/best nights. the alcohol is so cheap it burns but not in a good way, but its an awful lot of fun as they make every single girl and boy take of their t-shirts haha. don't wear your best shoes on any of the nights out, the student clubs have never heard of the fact they should clean their floors!

    • Don't pay for a taxi if you go on a night out - the buses run through the night and are much cheaper.
    • Go to Wollaton Park (next to the Uni) - it's lovely.
    • Wait to buy tickets to freshers events when you're there, from the designated reps.
    • Don't feel you need to go to all or any of the freshers events. The finale party is bigged up as this massive thing, but it's expensive and lots of people buy tickets and decide not to go, so you can often pick up a cheap ticket the day before (but don't rely on this if you do want to go).
    • Get some sleep, don't wear yourself out. You'll probably have important introductory lectures to go to and you don't want to be falling asleep in them.

    I will probably think of more later.

    - Take good care of your student card on a night out because its a pain in the ass repeatedly losing it and paying £15 for a new one.

    - If you want to get a sports membership (UoN has a brand new 40m sports
    village so go for it) get it early because you'll get a discount if you do it within the
    first week or so.

    - If you're not feeling a full on night out don't forget there's a load of decent bars in Nottingham like Baa Bar, Boiler maker, Hockley arts club, Das kino (has pingpong
    tables) etc
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Updated: September 1, 2016
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