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St. Andrews application?

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    Hi all,

    Basically here's the situation. I visited St Andrews recently but not on an open day, and it was after graduation so most of the students had left. I personally really liked it there, and want to apply for IR/German which is AAA. I got 4 As at AS and 10 A*s at GCSE so I know I can get an offer, and I am also confident that I can get a place as I would only need 3 Cs next year to achieve the offer.

    The dilemma is this - I've heard a lot of **** about the uni - that it's really boring and the people are pretty cliquey and rude. I really like the course and would like to study there, but I am also torn between it, UCL (which wants A*AA) and Edinburgh (which want ABB). Any suggestions about what I should do/any comments about St. Andrews would be much appreciated.


    If you want clubs, the town offers basically nothing. If you are into the idea of sport/ societies / pubs then there is absolutely oodles to do. We also have a nice cinema and it's a half hour on the bus to Dundee if you need an urban fix every now and then. You can also take the bus to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    Student Services are very supportive which may be a factor if your prone to stress or other issues.

    The people are on the whole lovely, you hear some tales of posh twits but I genuinely encountered very few in my 6 years living there. There's a strong community and it has a lovely small town feel. I graduated this year with watery eyes and genuine pride at being a St Andrews graduate which is weird because I'm generally incredibly cynical.
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