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    (Original post by theponderer)
    Veganism would be better for the environment, but worse for all those humans already nearly starving
    1.5 acres can produce 37,000 pounds of plant-based food whereas 1.5 acres can only produce 375 pounds of meat. Veganism would provide more food at a cheaper rate.

    (Original post by Marked Target)
    I would seriously disagree with the statement that its better for people's health. However, I've been that argument before so i suppose its not worth it.

    I would point out that the dairy and egg industry is just as bad, if not worse, than the meat industry.

    EDIT: To those who don't do it for health reasons, why do you object to buying meat from ethical sources? I would argue that doing so would be more likely to encourage a change in the meat industry than not buying it at all.
    I'm too tired at this time for the health debate too however if you're interested I'd recommend giving "How not to die" by Dr Michael McGregor a read.

    I do agree about the egg and dairy industry being just as bad, if not worse. I eat very few products containing dairy and drink almond milk. However when I do have eggs or dairy I ensure it's free range and more ethically sourced. I'd like to eventually cut these out completely though.

    And i think for most people a great thing to do would be to purchase meat from more ethical sources.

    (Original post by Moura)
    It is hard to find ethically farmed meat and there are those who would say killing something to eat can never be ethical (which i can understand even if i disagree).

    I do strongly believe though that the path to removing animal cruelty is not a refusal to eat meat, rather, demanding ethical meat. There has been a movement towards this (not by vegans, rather, just generally) but most people don't know what the various badges and certificates mean (and the answer is not much).

    I've met 2 vegans and 5 or so vegetarians in my life. Of these, 1 of the vegans would never fail to comment when someone ate meat and would make a point of their meal. 1 of the vegetarians did so as well. So it isn't all of them and i would never be predisposed to dislike someone because of this nor would I ever even mention it (this is a thread about it so I think its pretty reasonable to discuss it here) unless brought up by someone else.

    It is annoying to have someone make a snide comment when you're eating. Its incredibly annoying (esp when you disagree with them). One of the vegans i knew would comment if you ate a chocolate bar because it contained milk. Its unnecessary.

    I think you're right that some people are probably bothered by it because they feel bad inside but nobody wants to be bothered with ethics when they're eating - food is tasty so let people enjoy it.

    Hi i would appreciate it greatly if you could complete my survey for a project based on animal cruelty in the makeup and medical industry, all feedback would be appreciated and if you could link friends and family to take the survey i would be so grateful. thank you. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/X95WK8F

    Vegans are like atheists.

    they need to stfu and get a ****ing life!

    *goes back to bucket of fried chicken*

    Damn vegans, trying to save animals and the environment for future generations and caring and educating themselves about their health.
    Hate em
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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