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Career in physics?

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    My Main questions is(I shall provide you with a ton of details below the question to help you make a more justified answer):

    Should I study physics and subsequently become a physics(irrelevant of branch)?

    Ok so some info:

    I am v.good at the req subjects and I absolutely love physics!I am considering a career in theoretical physics...
    I currently go to a top grammar school and am going my GCSE in the upcoming year(Y11).

    My goal is to ultimately do very well in GCSE and A-levels and thus study Physics at Oxford university...I want to study physics undergrad and preferably do a PhD at Oxford univeristy(As PhDs are useful for top physicist careers from what I have read).

    My goal after that is to work at CERN or NASA or other reputable major organisation that employ physics(Could you please name a few)..

    I also have far fetched goals which I assume all physiatrist have but I doubt they're relevant for this question(cough...Noble prize)

    I am predicted A stats informally by teachers for all science and maths and a bunch of other subjects with As only in English...

    Also what A levels should I take?
    I was considering physics,Biology,chemistry,maths and further maths...is this a good choice or should I do computing instead of biology?

    Also what general guidance would you provide as all information is appreciated?

    My current branch considerations include astrophysics/quantum physics/ETC.,

    Detailed answers would be of great help!

    P.Slease don't hate for some ambitions like going to Oxford and others(I know there are some popped who like to)...Also please can I have sensible answers.

    Also additionally my dad is a surgeon and he and my mum and persuading me into a career in surgery....It is not that I'm not interested as I also like medicine but They list all advantage of medicine like pay and respect and regardless I am very confused!?


    Ok first off you need to calm down. You're thinking too far ahead which is good to an extent but this is taking it a bit far. Plans change all the time because life and circumstances get in the way. Focus on your GCSEs and getting good grades. Then think about whether you still want to do physics or anything else and work out what subjects and grades you need. Then you can start thinking about which uni based on which courses cover what. Masters/PhD degrees and a research career can come later.
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Updated: August 30, 2016
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