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How to do well at A-level ??

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    Does anyone have any tips for studying as I'm going into year 12? I'm doing chemistry, biology, art and geography - which I got As in at GCSE ...

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    A-Level tips
    -When you do past papers make sure you happy with what you are getting and look to see an improvement over time. If not revise more and learn from your mistakes.

    -Tick off the specification to make sure you've learnt everything and nothing should shock you.

    -Try and be able to answer every question on all the past papers.. Aim for 100 so you get higher than if you aimed for like 80 or 90.

    -Also once you go through past papers do questions from other papers (Solomon papers etc. Or other exam boards with the same topics) on every topic you learnt for a bit then go back to past papers when you've forgotten the answers.

    -Try and do all past papers at least twice.

    -Start revising from the beginning and go over what you learn in every lesson

    -Go over every topic atleast 3 times

    -Keep track of what you get on past papers and make sure you meet your target.

    -On your second attempt on the past papers make sure you see an improvement from the first attempt and so on.

    -Focus on your weaker subjects when you have got your important subjects to where you want.

    -Ask the teacher for extra homework and questions.

    -If there is something you don't know ask the teacher straight away, or write it down and ask at the end.

    -Treat your mocks like the real thing

    -Always do more than is required if you are aiming for the best (which you should be).

    -Don't get frustrated if you don't get something, watch YouTube videos on it, ask your teacher then attempt some questions.

    -Take your time and do not rush things, make sure you understand everything you are doing.

    -it's better to understand how to do something than just know how to do it

    Try and understand it and you will remember it easier.

    -Never give up

    -If you get bored take a break

    -Don't neglect subjects

    -Always think you will pass, think positively.

    -Nothing is impossible, you can get straight As, if x can why can't you? Just work as hard as you need to

    -What you put in, is what you get it.

    -Make sure you pick right subjects, if you know what you want to do check the entry requirements.

    -Find something to motivate you, dream career? Uni? Making parents proud?

    -Try and want to revise, it shouldn't be something you have to do.

    -Help others out if they need it, it reinforces your memory and maybe they'll help you in the future.

    (Original post by Jollyholly1)
    Does anyone have any tips for studying as I'm going into year 12? I'm doing chemistry, biology, art and geography - which I got As in at GCSE ...

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    We think that there is 4 main components to managing your life at A levels and achieving what you want.

    1) Managing your time
    2) Keeping focused
    3) Looking after yourself
    4) Believe in yourself (the most important)

    1) Managing time
    - Making sure your time is used effectively
    - Making time for yourself
    - Exam preparation
    - Revision timetables etc
    - Reminders and calendar entries for coursework due dates / goals to have reached a certain stage in your revision.

    2) Keeping focused
    - Don't procrastinate
    - Stay on top
    - prioritise

    3) Looking after yourself
    - Don't let pressure get on top of you
    - Remember to de-stress

    4) Believe in yourself
    - Pretty self-explanatory, have a positive mindset

    We go in to loads more detail on studentwise.uk on how to do exactly all of these bullet points.

    Hope that helps!
    Sam @ StudentWise
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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