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Could I be dyslexic?

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    I don’t want to cause any problems I don’t have, however I came across this interesting article about dyslexia and I seemed to relate to many of the points. I’m 19, however is it possible I could have it? I have always thought… it was just me! However, I would like an answer. I don’t write words backwards but I related to much of the article!
    I always struggled in school, would often rather play by myself at when I was younger at school. I am very slow at achieving simple tasks. My parents said I was slow to learn how to walk. I did also have learning support at primary school. I get very confused when I feel stressed and get stressed very easily.
    I am also very socially awkward, not very good at making friends. Have very few!
    I get stressed very quickly over simple tasks, epically when I was at school with homework. Before my GCSE’s I spent most of time trying to get myself to revise, it was painful! That’s probably why I did so bad…
    Other symptoms I could relate to was attention span, maths and time management.
    The only thing I did any good in was ICT at school (I now run a web design business). I got top marks and even did the work, only the double ICT people did to improve my qualification. I seemed to put everything into what I was interested in and worked hard, but things like maths & English; I spent most my school life day-dreaming.
    My spelling is not great; I do rely on spellchecker an awful lot! Took me ages to learn how to drive, had a year and half of driving lessons! Also when learning to swim at school, I was one of the last. I seem to find some simple tasks very hard. Which others achieve a lot faster. I remember being in a swimming class when I was like 9 or 10 with 4 or 5-year-olds!
    My self-esteem can be quite low at points, epically when school was just stressing me out. Often felt useless and worthless! However, I have found a talent in creating my own business. I always was more interested in looking at other people’s businesses, rather than worry about school! It’s going well so far.

    Do you have problems with things like reading, memory and logic? What you've described, doesn't sound like Dyslexia.
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    Do you have problems with things like reading, memory and logic? What you've described, doesn't sound like Dyslexia.
    That's right.
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Updated: August 30, 2016
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