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denim- is it sixth form appropriate?

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    Hi everyone, just a small post here. I've got an induction/first day at sixth form this week, and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to wear this new jacket I bought.

    The rules said no denim, but it seemed like it was referring to trousers, but I might be wrong.

    rules (copied and pasted bc i'm lazy)
    A Business suit is required for all members of the Sixth Form – this should be black, dark grey or navy blue in colour and will consist of tailored jacket with matching trousers or skirt.• Smart shirt or blouse (spaghetti strapped/vest tops are not permitted).• Shoes should be equally appropriate (not flip-flops, trainers, canvas or stilettos).• Shorts, three quarter length trousers and denim are not permitted.• Facial piercings and body tattoos should not be visible.• Girls’ make-up should be discreet.• Hair must be neat, of a natural colour and not shaven.• Jewellery may be worn as long as it is discreet and does not compromise health and safety standards.• Hoodies are not appropriate and are not to be worn in or out of school.• This is a mixed environment, with particular implications for the way in which female students should dress. As such, cleavage, midriffs and underwear should not be on show; trousers and skirts should not be inappropriately tight; skirts should not be worn higher than mid- thigh and tights should not be flesh-coloured.

    ^not a very interesting post or a big deal, but I wanted to make sure. What's your take on these rules, do you think I'm allowed to wear the jacket?
    -I'm not usually the type to talk about clothing too much, but I guess I'm really overthinking this. >.>

    my guess would be no... I'd imagine they don't necessarily expect you to buy a smart businessey coat for 6th form but a denim jacket is extra casual compared to standard coats and tbh I think it would look a bit ridiculous with smart office attire

    you could always not wear it the first day and see if you can ask an older student how they approach uniform

    Unfortunately no

    It's so beautiful though

    Ah sixth form attire. It is always very amusing. Since leaving sixth form, the only time I have worn my suit to work was for the interview. After that it has been jeans and polo shirt all the way! Shorts right now as it is hot.

    No wouldn't think the jacket is appropriate seeing as the first sentence reads: "A Business suit is required for all members of the Sixth Form" and Denim isn't what you would wear in a Business
    It seems silly and pedantic, but those (unfortunately) are the times we live in!
    I would have loved to go to Upper Sixth in my normal clothes, but I had to wear a tailored suit

    I'd definitely say no.
    I remember going sixthform and them having these stupid rules on what we could/couldn't wear, it eventually got changed but the first year was a nightmare. I live in jeans/top/jacket attire and couldn't afford a whole new wardrobe, plus I felt so uncomfortable. As long as presentable I didn't see the issue, I was there to learn. But hey ho, college was so much more chilled out.
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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