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3 years of MPharm and doing graduate entry dentistry?

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    Hi all,
    Studying pharmacy has made me realise that it doesn't give me the patient communication that I believed it did. Pharmacy was my dream career and all 5 of my uni options but through research I came across graduate entry dentistry and having never considered it before, I didn't realise so much of what i wanted from a course was delivered via dentistry. So my question is: Could I leave my pharmacy degree after 3 years to obtain a BSc in Pharmaceutical Studies and then apply for graduate entry dentistry or would I have to finish my 4/5 years? Any advice that may be relevant would be a great help. Time isn't an issue but although i really love pharmacy, growing older I realise i was naive in not researching other healthcare career. NB- assume i have the entry requirements for the BDS programme.

    Why would you obtain a BSc in Pharmaceutical studies? Is this required for Graduate Entry Dentistry? Also, I have heard that it looks bad if you leave a degree without completing it and if I were you, I would complete my pharmacy degree first if that's the case. I'm in a similar position to you though. I am also considering doing dentistry after my degree.*

    I would fully recommend that you finish the MPharm first, try to do as well as you can, then apply, plus the pharmacy degree will always be a fail-safe. what year are you in now? how old are you?
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