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Think I might be bisexual

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    Ok so I like girls, their purfume and long hair but something also attracts me to emo guys and gay couples on tv. I haven't come out and am quite old school about it.

    I've had gay sex when I was about 10, with another ten year old, which until now, I've never admitted to(I'm 25).

    How can I change this, I don't want like poofs? Help! Is there a UK based straight camp?

    you're gay dude just embrace it.

    But 10 years old....wtf..?

    Pretty sure you post these threads every evening!

    (Original post by Mike_91)
    Ok so I like girls... based straight camp?
    My first thought is WTH 10 YEARS OLD???? OMG that's weird...

    Don't worry about labeling yourself. Society demands you come up with an instant coherent answer when asked about your sexuality, but it isn't a defining factor and you don't need to

    It sounds to me as though you're unsure at the moment, and you need to tell yourself that that's okay- which it is. It is completely okay to be questioning this, especially at your age.

    My advice is to just go with what feels natural to you. If you're attracted to guys then you're attracted to guys, if you're attracted to girls then you're attracted to girls, also anything in between- as in a mixture of attraction whether this is 50/50, 40/60 or 90/10 in terms of a percentage of guys to girls then this is also fine.

    Sexuality is a scale, some people may have a very sure feeling regarding their sexuality straight away, but with others it takes time to fully come to a conclusion- you're just going to have to ride it out. It's kind of a journey of self discovery so try and enjoy it!

    As for being gay or not? Who cares? You shouldn't have a want or need to change it because you can't change it, it is you so just embrace it. The quicker you do this the better you'll feel about yourself. Also there is no pressure to come out if you do discover you are 100% gay or Bi until you are ready.

    As long as you are safe, consensual and happy that's all that matters in a relationship.
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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