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BSc Mathematics and Finance (third year) 2016/2017 City University London

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    Any ideas on what to choose for the optional modules?

    And anyone who has recently graduated from this course or have done the modules from this course?

    I need some advice on choosing my modules..Thanks!

    Core modules :
    MA3660 Differential Equations T1&T2
    MA3661 Advanced Complex Analysis T2
    MA3697 Project T2

    30 credits from this list :
    MA3604 Discrete Mathematics T1
    MA3608 Dynamical Systems T2
    MA3609 Fluid Dynamics T2
    MA3614 Mathematical Processes for Finance T1
    MA3615 Groups and Symmetry T2
    MA3616 Mathematical Biology T1
    MA3662 Game Theory T2
    MA3663 Introduction to Mathematical Physics T1

    30 credits from this list :
    AS3021 Operational research T1
    AS3303 General Insurance T1
    FR2105 Corporate Risk Management T2
    EC3010 Corporate Finance T2
    EC3011 Introduction to Financial Derivatives T2

    (each of the modules has 15 credits ; T2 = term 2)

    Hey, sorry I can't help with your question but I wanted to ask you about the course if that's ok, I did Civil engineering at City last year and will be starting Maths & finance this year. What is the course like? What's the coursework to exam ratio? Is the maths mainly stats based or do you do other areas too? And most importantly for me, what are the job prospects for this degree?
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Updated: September 9, 2016
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