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Masters Dissertation Research (Help would be much appreciated)

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    https://goo.gl/forms/XrQG0es18MvkJcOI3 Link to dissertation questionnaire

    Dear Sir / Madam;
    I kindly seek your cooperation in completing thequestionnaire that will be used to support the dissertation of my MSc studiesin Construction Management & Economics at The University of Greenwich.
    The purpose of this research is to provide a baselinedemonstrating the shortage of skilled workers and the magnitude of the impactit has on the construction industry, while highlighting measures in which theskill shortage can be addressed. Specific areas which have been focused on inthis research include the use of apprenticeships and minority groups inconstruction.
    The questionnaire has been designed in such a waythat minimal time is required to complete the questions.This questionnaire is aimed at all those working within the UK constructionindustry, specifically within London and the South-east. Your answers andopinions are significant to this research and will be fundamental in ensuringthe research aims and objectives are met effectively.
    Answers and information provided by all respondents will bestrictly confidential. You will not be required to supply your name with theinformation provided. You are free to withdrawfrom this research at any time without obligation. Ifyou have any questions about the research or the academic programme, you cancontact me (details below) or my dissertation supervisor, Mr Simon Muturi [email protected] Department of BuiltEnvironment.

    Thank you in advance for your participation.

    Adam Colbourne
    [email protected]
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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