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Should I do audit (BigFour) or investment banking?

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    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    Why wouldn't you want to stick with chemical engineering? That's got good earning potential.
    Well i most definetlty would want to do that, as engineering is my passion, but im just making sure other options are viable becuase you never know what happens, i may not want to be an engineer after university, so having other high end options seems sensible
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    Thanks guys

    (Original post by Princepieman)
    Up to you. There are paths to that destination from either career, it's just a matter of which career interests you more and why.

    Don't just blindly aim for IB because you'll probably be miserable if you do end up doing it (80+ hour weeks for the first couple years are no joke), you're going to have to have a more significant inner motivation for doing IB than 'it pays better than Audit'

    Anyway, sit down yourself and compare the pros and cons. Do some research into what each involve.

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    Which do you think provides the best starting foundation regarding; big 4 vs finance grad scheme @ BB IB vs finance grad scheme outside financial services company.

    (Original post by Codetto)
    Which do you think provides the best starting foundation regarding; big 4 vs finance grad scheme @ BB IB vs finance grad scheme outside financial services company.
    Big4 keeps more doors open and will accelerate the years of experience you need for a comparable role in industry but finance is still a good route (work-life balance is unbeatable) if you know for sure you want to be in finance/want to rise up the corporate ladder.

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Updated: September 1, 2016
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