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Question about the french syllabus

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    I was scrolling down the French syllabus today, when I found "les boules". This seems to me like it means "balls"... but surely that can't be what AQA wants us to learn??? Can someone please tell me what is supposed to mean? Thankyou

    Les boules is jobs- the topic will be employment and your controlled assessment may consist of doing a job interview, you may be expected to ask questions as well as answer them
    I'm telling you work HARD for your CAs!!!!! They actually count a lot. This is coming from a person who ended up getting a D after being predicted a B.
    I got a B in the reading exam
    U in the listening ( I was always bad at this but not that bad!)
    Mostly Cs in the CAs and it was painfulllllll when I saw the grade as i'd been so confident and my teacher believed I'd do well (as well as ppl on my table who thought I was good at French)
    I picked to do higher myself as I was so confident and now regret it so much as i know I could have got a C if I did foundation but thought it would be a complete embarrassment and now I won't be able to ever make eye contact with my French teacher I saw her at enrolment today (she suddenly appeared out of nowhere when I was enrolling for bio) and walked right out of the queue I was in (I was next as well) I was in consequently resulting in me having to stay at school for another half an hour because queues for soooo long
    So I mean it when I say work hard
    Also don't get let down and give up if you get a single bad grade- in our school you could (at least our teacher let us) retake your CAs which I only unfortunately did once. Failure isn't final!!
    Similarly don't get tooooooo confident if you get a good grade
    I got an A in the December reading mock exam and retook listening this time doing foundation and got a C, which made me soooo confident I thought I'd do well with minimal work in my final French exams- A complete fantasy ending in a tragedy!!!
    Apologies for the essay ☺️😊😅

    (Original post by purpleunicorns)
    I was scrolling down the French syllabus today, when I found "les boules". This seems to me like it means "balls"... but surely that can't be what AQA wants us to learn??? Can someone please tell me what is supposed to mean? Thankyou
    AQA has some random words on there French specification TRUST ME. I learnt around out of the 1850 that were on their spec and got an A* overall in French Just work hard on your coursework and learn vocab on Memrise and you'll be fine!
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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