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    So ive only just got my accommodation offer but its the most expensive room but thats not the point. So when I go onto liverpool life and under the accommodation bit, the offer isnt there and if I go onto complete my application a different persons details are on there?

    So it doesnt look like im actually on my accommodation page - but I need to accept it by tonight at 12pm (which I can't do since It seems like I am on someone elses profile completely).

    Not sure what to do as I can't get in touch with the uni atm as they're closed but my offer ends tonight at 12pm, any advice?

    And If I do accept it anyone want to swap to the catered double deluxe room from a self catered room??

    Mine did this too! It changes back after a few hours, just keep checking (At least mine did)

    Edit: Also, RE room changing, I don't think you can swap with people but if you apply for the room change list select "financial" as the reason for change because I saw someone say they prioritise those people (and for you it's the actual reason).

    Good luck!
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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