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    If this is a community full of higher education students such as myself, then how come I only see 1 out of 500 people write decent, well thought-out and eloquent replies? Most replies are chat-style and punctuation-lacking with vapid responses. Do we ever think two minutes before we write anymore? Come on.

    I don't know about other universities, but mine (a Catholic university) has always taught me to be strict, correct, follow the rules and produce high quality prose. For example, during our language recap session in our English literature 101 course in freshman year we were always taught to review the chapters on 'basic writing' and 'professional writing'. There, it was stipulated there are a few key steps you have to take before you jot down a reply. In other words, every paragraph consists a new, separate and congruent thought (d'oh) and we continue our thoughts for the reader with signal words. The basics, right? This basic skill seems to be missing here on these forums, unless my view is skewed and I haven't seen enough posts to judge correctly.

    I know I don't have to expect educated writing in other forums on the internet, but in a student place for higher education, where the world's brightest minds gather, I would expect a little bit more structure.

    I hope my genuine concern is recognized and this generation's literacy is not compromised.

    But in all honesty, this is a student forum; it is not meant to be serious, especially when lots of students just want to be children again (well at least according to my older sister).
    In addition, this site is frankly a fantastic place to procrastinate, to avoid the rigor of exams and school. Perfect English and grammar in every sentence would honestly be a pain to many.
    So, in conclusion 571122, there is a myriad of websites on the internet where you will see students comment with fantastic eloquence. This generation's literacy may be compromised, but you should not determine that from this student website.

    EDIT: Wow my witty comment got deleted. Interesting to say the least.


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Updated: August 31, 2016
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