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Can I just ask how do some girls get boyfriends so easily?

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    just be friends with guys and then eventually they might start to like u but its whether they think that ur attractive and they like your personality too


    Well, sometimes it's about timing, sometimes it's about sheer luck.

    Why do you want a "boyfriend"? Is it loneliness, or a wish to experience new things?

    Whichever it is, if you drop me a PM, I'll help you fix things. You'll have to like hiking and shooting I'm afraid, but if you want to just spend some time coming out of your shell it'd be a pleasure getting to know you.

    P.S. This isn't me chatting you up. I'm 33 now, but I remember being EXACTLY where you are now, and things more than worked out in the end. Someone did exactly the same with me and spent some time effectively selling me to me and boosting my confidence.

    stop letting them friendzone you

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Thanks this has made me feel better, at one point I got even more freaked out because I was being told by guys that this would entice a guy and that guys would move on and not waste their time on me if I didn't give them sex straight away :/
    I hope that you can find some confidence in being yourself. Many young people get into unhealthy relationships because they are desparate or have been given the wrong advice from people.

    We are all different and there should not be a "one size fits all" way of doing things. Yes, there are general guidelines on how to meet people, but advising young women to just "sleep around" in order to get men's attention is very unwise.

    No man will be cool with their sister or daughter sleeping around to get a boy's attention. So, why would some of them advise other women to do the same? In the end, the girl ends up hurting herself and having a warped understanding of relationships or men. This is also vice versa.

    I am in no way advising you to not do what you want i.e. have sex or whatever, but do it in your own time and with your own rules. Don't have sex with a guy just because you want his attention. If he does not have time for you, well that is his loss. Not many "easy" girls make good girlfriends. Boys tend to get tired and settle for the "normal" ones. It is the reason you see so many top blokes with "average" girls.

    I hope that everything goes well for you. Continue to improve yourself plus be the best you can possibly be and live to the fullest. Make new friends and get rid of the wrong crowd. In the end, it will be for the best.

    All the best.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I went to an all girls school and 6th form yet despite that some girls there still found boyfriends and met guys fairly easily whereas I did not know a single guy in all 7 years.
    Then I go to uni which is known to be a male dominated uni where you'd think my chances would be sky high at getting a boyfriend but no, a big fat ZERO! I have guy friends but that's it, no ones asked me out, never kissed a guy sober. I have kissed a few guys drunk but they haven't messaged me the next day or when they see me around they don't really converse that much with me.
    What am I doing wrong?! I'm in a sports society at uni and it's mixed sex where a few people have found met other guys through it and dated, whereas for me there had been ZERO interest.
    Whereas some girls can literally get any guy they want or are barley single for more than a few months. Some of these girls aren't even good looking and I know that looks are definitely not everything, but they must have some attractive personality but what?

    I really wanna know what I can do to improve myself, can you guys please please offer some, any advice!
    Because they're better looking than you are....

    Guys are hoes tbh

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    But I don't understand what else I'm supposed to do when they come up and start talking to me?!
    I'm not disagreeing with what anyone has said but from my own experience, I kissed a random guy once in a club and in the end we were in a 4 year relationship. So it is possible
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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