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    Hi my Daughter has a clash with her GCSE's she can only take History or French but as she wants to go on and study Law she needs both. She has therefore decided to study French as an extra GCSE outside of school but she can still take the exam in school when the time comes.
    Can anyone recommend a good support system for studying for a French GCSE as home study

    You could arrange a French tutor- look online for one. However, French consists of controlled assessment do you may have to arrange to get them done at a centre or her own school
    Otherwise, there is nothing tutoring and hardwork can't do
    She definitely sounds committed so I would say go for it. Once you've got the hang with French - the vocabulary and different topics, do lots of past papers (nearer to her exams) and you definitely won't regret it.
    There are loads of French tutors about if you take some time to look around
    You could find them online on:
    Tutor hunt
    Tutor fair
    Tutor house
    Tutorweb (this is tutoring done online via video link)
    These are just a few from the top of my head
    You could also ask the school if they could provide some help too- I'm sure they'd be very happy to help
    Good luck
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Updated: September 1, 2016
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