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Is this laptop good for uni?

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    I'm about to start university, and I still haven't purchased a laptop yet.
    I'm HIGHLY considering to buy this one laptop that has a one-day sale today and I was hoping for someone who could tell me is it good for University or not?
    I'll be starting business(but more on the math side of things) and I am going to university in Canada(I'm Canadian if that makes a difference).

    The laptop I was thinking to buy is the ASUS X540LA-BB51-CB.
    Other specs are...
    Intel i5(5th generation)
    8GB RAM
    1TD HDD

    Would that be sufficient enough for university?

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    For uni you just need something that can run microsoft word/ppt/excel and have a decent battery life no? The rest of the specs are to your preference. That one has more than enough RAM and space

    Its adequate. It appears to be a N American model, so we have npthiong to compare it with and I cnat tell whether its good value or not.

    here are some reviews of roughtly the similar computer except your has a faster processor (faster generally) and more ram (more flexible for multitasking.

    It will do fine for office, excel, surfing the net, writing essays etc.

    It doesnt have a dedictaed graphics card so you cna more or less forget playing games on it.

    Batery life about 4hrs which is ok, but low when compared to the more efficient mobiles of today which cna go from 8-12h.
    Sizewise its prety standard to what laptops are, but the trend has been to smaller pcs so 11-13" screens. Because its bigger its also heavier, although this one isnt too nad at 2kg. Pick up 2kg to see. It would help if you compared it to real life computers or even better gopt to see one in real life as then you cna figure oyt things like construction, sound, screen quality, keyboard, mouse pad. Weight and general diemnsions.

    People tend to prefer lighter, longer battery and smaller i.e more portable, but that costs more money. A lot depends how you will work at uni.

    Asus are a reasonably reliable brand and check the warranty . Seems ti be 1 year international, used to be two.

    Its ok imo, depends on price and helps if you get to see one working in real life. It will do the tasks you stated perfectly fine. Noy yoo exciting though, but then the price could make it great value. I dont know.
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Updated: September 1, 2016
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