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Recommend me a Laptop for Computer Science (and Gaming)

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    Hello All,
    I would like some help in choosing what I need out of a Laptop for University.
    I will be doing Computer Science so it will need to be powerful.

    My Budget is around about £500 but I can go a little more if I have to.

    I also want it to be able to play games such as SWTOR.

    I would prefer to run Windows 7.

    I also would like the Adobe suite because they are useful to have- would it be better to go for CS5 or a CC subscription and what as a student could I get it cheaper then at retail?

    I don't mind if it's off the shelf or if I need to have it built up as long as it's from a reputable website.

    I also need a printer, Can anyone recommend a cheap and reliable one?

    Please Help.
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    I graduated in Computer Science with a major in Business Application Development.

    Here are my recommendations:

    If your major is programming:

    - a decent core i5 or i7 (I have i7 3630) (speed is important in development, especially in Scrum methodology and testing!)

    - 6-8 GB of fast RAM (I have Corsair Vengeance 16 GB) (well, in senior year programming, this 16 GB was really needed. Running things at the same time like:
    - (multiple) Genymotion VM
    - (multiple) VirtualBox VM
    - IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
    - Webstorm
    - etc. In other words, heavy duty full-stack business application development)

    - definitely get an SSD, or if you can't, get a fast regular HDD with at least 500 GB. I have 750 GB of regular HDD and it barely sufficed for me. Trying to run builds and tests without an SSD is a serious, time-wasting drag, not to mention you will fall behind on your team.

    As for the game:
    - GPU is very important! Nvidia 5xxM recommended
    - laptop quality is important. I've had HP's die on me. ASUS works very well.

    Finally, my university's recommended laptop specifications:

    CPU: minimum core i5
    Virtualization support required (if one of your courses requires running a Virtual Machine)
    RAM: minimum 8GB, recommended 16GB
    HDD: minimum 256 GB
    Ability for turning off UEFI secure boot (in case of native Linux installation, for courses that involve Linux)

    Adobe Creative Suite:Yes, as a student (depending on your university and your major), you can definitely get it drastically cheaper than retail (something like £80-£120 vs £500).

    Other student discounts:
    Microsoft Dreamspark
    Microsoft Office Student

    The one I have is Canon MP190 (you can't fax with this one, but you can print and scan). I've had moderate luck with it. Lately it's been printing dirty edges on me, but for the rest it's doing fine. Universities and colleges also provide free or extremely cheap printing on campus. Sorry, I don't know of a reliable printer by heart.
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