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    'Pressure groups are often seen as helping democracy – how far do you agree with this view? Give reasons to explain your response in a 2 sided argument and reach a separate conclusion.'

    similar question to yours. hope this helps
    Do pressure groups enhance democracy?YES· Allow for representationbetween elections- more pluralism and encourage participation for those whofeel they aren’t represented· Allow the intensity of feelingon issues to be considered- 2003 anti-war march allowed 1million marches topeacefully show their opposition to the invasion of Iraq· Help power disperse downwardsand are important check on government action- Amnesty International haveexposed repressive governments from around the world. Uncovered UKparticipation in “Rendition” flights organised by the CIA – terror suspects areflown to countries that allow torture to extract information· Represent minorities and otherdisadvantaged groups· Raise and articulate issuesthat parties won’t touch· Important source of informationand educate citizens- GM foods, Fairtrade· Gives detailed policy advice tothe government of the day and allow the public voice to be heard- BMA, NO· Many pressure groups areundemocratically organised. – 1980s Arthur Scargill forced some members tostrike without taking a vote on the issue first· A sense of non-legitimate poweras they are not elected- Joanna Lumley may be very popular but she has noelectoral mandate or manifesto to dictate immigration policy (Ghurkhas)· Membership is often drawn fromnarrow middle class elites therefore not representative of society –CountrysideAlliance· Unequal distribution ofresources and influence between the groups. Richer groups have an advantage in terms of staffing and publicity· Powerful insider groups willthwart the will of the majority- CBI represent business owners but may have interestsagainst those of the workforce they employ· Powerful pressure groups canhold the government to ransom- Trade unions in 1970s· Many represent a narrowsectional interests- NFU (Farming), BMA (Doctors) · Can encourage unrealisticexpectations among the electorate of what government can do when in office-disenchantment and disillusionment with the normal political processes· Some pressure groups chose tooperate illegally through direct action and may threaten the political anddemocratic authority of the government- 2000 fuel protestors blockading fuelpumps
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