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JTran's Journey to GCSE Success 2017

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    (Original post by JTran38)
    I started off with an introduction paragraph before looking at what xxx did and compare etc ... bad explanation but I'll get back to you on that asap.
    np i've also done about 750 words and about a 3rd of the way hrough
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    (Original post by samaad1)
    np i've also done about 750 words and about a 3rd of the way hrough
    Nice, I don't think I have the guide I was given but if I do I'll tell what what structure I've used.
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    Update 17/10/16:
    Finally it's the last week of term 1 because you know what, life has been all but hectic so far and it's about time we get some time off.

    Maths (KWA): We did a PiXL Maths exam paper 1 (June 2016) and it was alright, I'm hoping to get the results back asap.

    Biology (TBA): We're preparing for our Chemistry ISA on Rates of Reactions. Rumours are stating that we may have to turn up on inset day, 31st October to do the experiment .

    Computing (ESO): The deadlines for A452 and A453 is the start of term 2 which is good as now I don't have to worry too much about it but the workload is quite large.

    Next main update is Monday and until then, thank you for taking your time for reading this rather short update and enjoy your day.
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    Update 21/10/16:
    This week has been very hectic, I had two interim Maths exams which went alright and both were PiXL papers as well as an English poetry mock exam which didn't go too well. More explained below ...

    English (OSO): I literally fudged the poetry mock exam, the nerves really got to me and I just lost it by then. Fortunately, there'll be another one of which date is unconfirmed as another class tried to re-do theirs as per usual and my teacher got pissed. I think she told HoD about it and this is what will happen. The best of the two will be used a part of our mock grades so I can't fudge this the 2nd time. Also we're doing Kamikaze by Beatrice Gartland atm.

    French (SDA): The Speaking CA has been postponed due to her ill health i.e. cold etc and I'll do it when we return from half term break.

    History (MPO): I have finished my CA during a special ESS but I think I've rushed it. Ms will mark it and I'll have the opportunity to improve it to scrap that A* and that will help make the difference in terms of my grade for GCSE History.

    Computing (ESO): I now have to complete both A452 and A453 CAs as we're running behind schedule and have to do that during half term though technically that's not allowed but we're trusted.

    Sciences (TBA, DLA, PPA): We're starting our Chemistry ISA on Rates of Reactions and are preparing for it. We also have to come on the 31st October (Inset Day) to do the ISA and will also miss Tuesday's lessons.

    Other News:
    The sixth form application for my preferred school is open and I'm literally worried about the predicted grades so I haven't applied yet. Gonna speak to someone at school after half term before I do apply.

    During half term, I'm hoping to get A452 and A453 CAs done as that's worth 40% of my GCSE Computing grade and it's been stressful. Also I hope to start on making revision notes on the sciences, B1, C1, P1, B2, C2 and P2 at the very least.

    Your next update will be due very soon and until then, thank you for taking your time for reading this rather short update and enjoy your day.
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Updated: October 21, 2016
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