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Face of cure vs. behind the scenes

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    Doctor trained at medical school, diagnosing and treating patients

    Researcher/scientist in lab who develops cures (biomed, biological sciences etc.)

    Whose role is more important in society?

    They're both important in their own ways. Instead of asking which is better for society, ask yourself which you would be more suited to? If you're likely to excel at one over the other then choose that path.

    Also remember that doctors trained in medical school also undertake research- so you could say a doctors role is more important if they diagnose the patient and also take part in research

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    Both are vital. There isn't really another answer.

    The reality is its difficult to separate the two. Not all research is done in a lab, in fact the minority is. 'Research' means basic lab work, animal trials, clinical trials, trials of different diagnostic approaches, local cost-effectiveness analyses, local clinical standards and audit of local services... it's a broad term which involves a lot of doctors as well as many other professions.
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Updated: September 2, 2016
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