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Ecosystems - the problem: where is it wrong??

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    Hello everyone, can you please justify my responses I have just made concerning the given question below about ecosystems.Describe and explain how the structure of vegetation i.e Savannah, Equatorial and deserts, has been influenced by the prevailing climatic conditions. [9]here is an example: Equatorial climatea) tall trees due to high rainfall throughout the year(3000mm),b) buttress roots for anchoring of trees,c) very little or no undergrowth as very little sunlight reaches the ground.Savannah climate:a) scarcely spaced trees due to moderate annual unreliable rainfall(850mm),b) long tap roots to search for water,c) canopy shaped tree tops to protect the area inhabited by the roots and also to conserve available water.d) trees lose leaves during the long dry season to cut water loss by transpiration.Desert climate:a) plants have long tap roots to reach water table,b) plants e.g cactus plants have thick fleshy leaves to store absorbed water,c) leaves have thorns to reduce transpiration.
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Updated: September 2, 2016
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