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Have I made a mistake by CHOOSING to resit first year?

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    I started uni last year September and I'm studying Accounting and Finance. Prior to starting uni I had been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and BDD. I feel like going to a uni far away from my home on my own made my anxiety worse and I found my first year of uni really overwhelming. I struggled to settle in and my head was all over the place. Then in around March time I had somewhat of a mental/nervous breakdown and was admitted into a hospital, then transferred into a mental health unit where I stayed for over a fortnight.

    However, since then, I feel that I am in a better place mentally. I am on medication that improves the symptoms of my mental disorders, and I have also gained a more positive perspective on things through maturity and therapy. I turned 20 last week.

    My uni welfare tutor had a meeting with me and suggested me deferring my exams until the summer period or choosing to take a break and do first year again. I chose the latter.

    However now I'm starting to regret this choice I made some friends who will now be progressing to second year who I will miss lots. I'm already behind because I took a gap year for mental health reasons in Year 12 so this means that I will now be 2 years behind. The module exams I had before the summer exams I had passed all of them, and now I'll have to do it all over again and not even because I failed it .

    I just can't help feeling awful for opting to re-do first year. The only thing is that because in first year my priorities were not in order and my mind was all over the place I didn't invest as much effort into my exams, I think some I barely just passed, yet now I should be able to put in more study time. All of my friends from school are going onto 2nd year now, I feel almost embarrassed and feel remorseful.

    What do you think? How can I feel better about my decision?

    What degree classification did you get in your first year?

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    (Original post by Scienceisgood)
    What degree classification did you get in your first year?

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    None, because I didn't sit the summer exams. Read my post again.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    None, because I didn't sit the summer exams. Read my post again.
    Sorry to say this but you will HAVE to retake the year (at least you would at my uni) because not passing the exam/coursework section means an instant retake of that module the year after.

    Not saying this is the case at your uni but I would go to your tutor. HOWEVER, from what I hear, this is because your mates are progressing on and you're staying behind which is the reason why.

    If this is the case, I'd stick to your guns because first year doesn't count towards your final classification and it will help build confidence and get a better feeling for uni before it really matters.

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    I retook part of my second year and took some time off. I knew that the few people I knew well at university would be moving ahead of me but I also knew that I would stay in touch. This was what I needed to get better, recover from the trauma of second year and to start the assessed portion of my degree with as clean a slate as I could.*

    There were sacrifices to be made, yes. I lost a year of working life, something I'll never get back. I missed some study opportunities. *

    But I got amazing things out of it as well. I met the man I later married in my third year, someone I would never have known otherwise and with whom I now have two occasionally wonderful children! When I finally completed my second year, I took the opportunity to take stock in between my second and third year and I did a four week CELTA course that has given me everything I've had since in terms of work and my career change course of Speech and Language Therapy. I got my 2.1 out of it where I would otherwise have been a university drop out. That's something that got me a place on a master's course and then later my course in SLT.*

    And you know what? All those people who went ahead of me? A couple of them stuck around for Master's years and I forged amazing friendships with them. I'm still in touch with many others and we've reconnected over work and things like children later on. *

    Life isn't always a straight line and that's the most important lesson I learned from the whole thing. You'll learn it too and you'll be the better for it, both academically and as a person.*

    You're seeing the negatives right now. I can tell you that the negatives will not be as bad as they seem from a distance. And good things will come too. You just don't have them in your line of sight yet. *

    This sounds like a good decision for many reasons - your first few months will be less stressful as you will know the material better than everyone else and can have confidence at passing everything as you already managed it once, so you can build back to normal uni stress levels gradually, you can also improve your grades and make sure you have a solid knowledge base to move on to second year so you don't find you're struggling due to missing things

    the only bad thing is that your friends won't be on the same lessons but you can see them outside of class and if you made friends once you will make more now

    I retook both my AS year and my first year of uni, due to mental health problems etc, and although I feel sad and down sometimes that all my friends have now graduated university and I'm only going into 2nd year, it was the best decision for me and will benefit me more in the future.

    You've gotta do what you've gotta do, so don't worry about what everyone else is doing, and do what you think is best for yourself. Remember, university is very expensive, and if you didn't restart, you may not have been able to put your 100% in and it could have been a waste. At least now, you have a chance for a fresh start (which is how I looked at it!).

    You will also make new friends, and will still see your other friends around campus and can go out with them, it's not the end of the world. Some of them may even be doing a placement year, and so will still be with you in 3rd year! (Possibly).

    Don't worry, you will look back and thank yourself in the future.
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    Thanks all
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