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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    So far this is littered with grammatical errors(I plan to fix) and I have left out some of my more "Explicit" life experiences that might be in appropriate. However, I would like some feedback

    Why I believe I deserve the York Opportunity Award

    I genuinely believe that every individual has the capacity to cope with life's most difficult circumstances, and we can only blame ourselves if we fail to rise to the challenges we are presented with. Nevertheless, I am confident I can prove I have overcome a range of barriers in achieving my academic goals.

    My mother will always be my mother, however, here psychotic issues(largely caused by alcoholism) have had severe implications on my life, particularly during my AS Year. My day to day life was dominated by the throwing of glass, death threats, extreme physical punishment and racist behavior towards my friends. This perpetual cycle of abuse I received eventually compromised my mental health during my AS Year and I began to suffer from nervous breakdowns and periods of self harm. . People had given up on me, and the Police decided I had to be relocated(i lived with my friend during my AS Year), I was advised to give up on my university ambition by a careers adviser, Nonetheless, I persevered to retake the year and achieved respectable results(in new subjects!).
    Unfortunately, such difficulties have only been compounded by a varying degree of psychotic issues I have had to endure throughout my teenage years. I have always suffered from severe ADHD and Insomnia, something that prevented me from succeeding in my first secondary school. I was removed from the school before GCSE’s and was told by the Headmistress I belonged in a lesser school for less ambitious people, and should perhaps consider an arts or sporting career path.

    Disillusionment with my teenage life quickly lead to mixing with the wrong crowds and a vicious cycle of drug usage. After a year, I was left with Over Compulsive Paranoia(I still suffer from severe OCD) , a 2 year experience so horrifying I felt like life had become an unmanageable psychotic hell. Depression, Anxiety and sleepless nights had become the norm, and before I knew it my attendance had dropped so low I had become a lonely truant who felt lost and disillusioned with reality. I felt unable to break this vicious cycle of addiction and mental health issues, and felt trapped.

    Eventually I learnt to inspire myself off the stories of other broken people. For example, a Man named Oliver Sykes Had been bullied out of school and suffered from severe drug addiction/ADHD for many years, and is now a millionaire entrepreneur who the leads a famous band. He tells people to find depression romantic, and use it as a stick to pursue life goals normal people simply don’t dream of and aren’t capable of because they lack the negative experiences to drive them. I admire this individual both for his success and his determination to help other damaged people through his therapeutic music, and decided I would pursue a similar life as a Politician. I thus developed an obsession with becoming the best politics student in the country.

    I am Proud to say I achieved this ambition, producing 100% performances across all exams. Unfortunately these mental issues still impaired other aspects of life, so I have begun to treat them. Nevertheless, the mental experiences I had have lead me with some very clear motivations. I want to benefit this world in a meaningful way, help other damaged people and become so successful and self fulfilled my turbulent teenage years become nothing but an abstract memory. I believe the York Opportunity Award could help me do this giving me the temporary relief of financial burdens, thus allowing me to focus my mind on more productive long term endeavors.

    Good luck :-)
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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