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studio room up for grabs

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    Hi, I am a student going into my third year at Chelsea college of arts.
    I am looking to move OUT of Glassyard for the academic year 16/17.
    I have a regular studio room, ready for someone to move in!! I am looking to move out asap!
    Please message me if you are interested! I'm am desperate to move out, as I'm moving into another house! Or you if you know anyone who might be interested please let me know! You can go on Glassyard website for price details: http://freshstudentliving.co.uk/…/glassyard-building-stock…/ (Please go through me NOT the website as you will have to take over my tennancy not create a new one)
    One bed Studio room
    Contract starts the 7th of Sept 2016
    Price is £260 pw for 51 weeks all bills included
    rent has to be paid in three installments, around £4420 each term.
    Glassyard is a 5 min walk to Stockwell tube 10 min walk to Clapham highstreet and 10 min walk to Brixton. very modern, clean, private, secure and great place to live. 24 hour reception and security, own space, garden area, work space, common room with TV, Xbox, pool table etc... alot of great things to do to mingle with people or you can keep yourself to yourself in your private studio room
    Please please let me know asap if you know anyone that would be interested. comment below or send me a private message for more info and details if needed I SHALL SEND OVER PICS IF REQUESTED OR VISIT THE WEBSITE PROVIDED
    Thanks xxx

    Email : [email protected]
    or text: 07837670389
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Updated: September 2, 2016
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