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Really Stuck now I am classed as a "Mature" (19+) A-Level Applicant

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    Hey Guys,

    Im Scott, and I am slightly stuck on what to do really,

    Basically since im 19+ (I am in my early 20s) none of my local sixth forms will admit me to start an A-Level programme, the only options locally was to do an adult education A-Level in Art and Design in the evenings or to attend a private college, which I would need to pay their fees which I know I cannot afford.

    The only option I have for a "funded" route is a college which is 50 miles from my house and I am really not sure what to do. I really want to do it, but the idea of travel is really putting me off, 100 miles a day total travel for just college seems heavy and it annoys me that there are courses right on my doorstep but I cant get access to them.

    Does anybody have experience of having older students on their course and if they were percieved different? Because I do fear starting and traveling so far to be stuck around people who wouldnt want to talk to me simply because im a few years older than them,

    I am tempted by the private route, which is closer from a travel point and would make me less stressed. I am very keen on the A-Level route, so I wouldnt want to do an access course, and I already have a lower level BTEC which has a few points.

    Has anybody traveled long distances for school or college? Admitably, I would have to ask my dad to take me and he seems very supportive about it, although not at first he said if I really want to then he will support me but I am not keen on having to rely on him, but in turn, my first day is listed as Monday, and I am unsure I would want to start late as my paperwork and interview has not happened yet. I do suffer from Anxiety, which doesnt help. I really want to start at the same time as everybody else.

    Sorry if this is a bit jumbled but I dont know what to do, I feel like if I dont start it or do it, by either means then I have missed out and to be honest I already feel too "old" for it anyway, even though I am always told I really dont act my age, particuarly as the admissions tutor stated that everybody else will be 16 year olds its a little bit of a worry.

    Advice would be great, Thanks!

    Have you thought about distance learning and taking the exams as private candidate

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    I dont blame schools for not accepting older students.

    If you wont do an access course then geography and yourself have created the situation. Your only choice would be to try and find a distance learning provider (variable quality) or teach yourself.

    Juts do a pros and cons list of each option, maybe try the journey for a while and see how copeable it feels.

    Your hypercondria about the age of the pupils at the school which will take you shouldnt be an issue. Awkward at first maybe, but it will be forgotten afte a month imo. You would be going there to study and not for life. You need to have a degree of determination that you will study hard enough, that you have enough potential and you are determined to stick it through.
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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