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Durham University Natural Science Course 2018 Advice *please help*

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    I'm starting sixth form next week and want to know what I can do to help myself get onto the natural science course in Durham.
    In my GCSE's I got
    A* Maths, Chem, Biology, Physics, RS, English Lit, Geog, History
    A German, Music, English Language
    B FSMQ Further Maths
    In sixth form I'm doing
    Maths, Chemistry, Physics & EPQ
    Am I likley to get an offer with my GCSE grades?
    Can I maximise my chance by doing extra cirriculars eg Prefect, DOFE, Volunterting?!
    Also any advice on getting work experiences next summer in science?
    Is Durham the best place for a course in science or should I apply to Imperial etc

    From what they said at the open day: people get in with 0 A*s at GCSE and can get rejected with 14 A*s. A level predicted grades are very important though! Extracurriculars are good but really unis like supercurricular stuff - eg reading books and work experience. Some admissions tutors like it if there is something you have been committed to for a long time - it doesnt have to be anything fancy.
    I emailed the materials science professor at Oxford (where I live) about work experience there last summer because thats a subject that relates to almost everything and a good choice if you like a bit of everything or are unsure, and she was really easy going and like yeah just come here whenever you want. There are usually schemes run by local unis, STEM campaigns or the council - do some research or ask your teachers. Apply to lots of options and try to organise stuff well in advance because science work experiences are usually popular.
    See how you like each subject this year before making a decision where to apply for uni because you will probably find new interests and certain unis are better for certain topics. I think Durham is good but its a personal decision. Like Durham is good if you want to do many options in the first year but specialise in 1 subject later whereas southampton is great if you want to do many subjects for 4 years. Obviously you can apply to many places and see which ones give the best offers!
    Good luck starting 6th form!
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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