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Tips for a teaching assistant?

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    Hi guys, I start my one week trial as a teaching assistant from monday and I'm quite nervous.

    Anyone have any tips for me so I end up staying?

    It's a academy, so I'll working from year 7s to Year 13s

    Read up on SEND and EAL strategies.

    You're there to assist them, but how will you do that?
    They may have ASD, Dyslexia, behavioural problems, have limited English skills - how will you help them learn?

    If the teacher does their job right, they will utilise you and tell you what they want you to do during the lesson. Unless you're with a statemented student.

    Also, I doubt you'd be with KS5. They tend to be forgotten about when it comes to support.

    I'm a learning support assistant covering ages 14-19. If you get a chance read up on the EHCP's on the students you are helping, then figure out your support strategy which could be anything from reading out loud to a student (dyslexia) or getting even more involved providing emotional support for those who suffer from mental health issues/ASD/behavioural issues. If I go into a new class, I find it easy to break the ice with the students who may get nervous around new staff. I feel with teenagers, building a good rapport with them from the off is absolutely key, especially with those who have behavioural needs. If they like you, they are more likely to respond to you!

    But yeah, AP is correct, if the teacher is good at their job, they will utlise you and tell you what you need to do, especially if you are on trial. Just get involved and be confident

    The teacher should direct you as to what they would like you to do, but bare in mind monday is first day back and staff wont know most of the kids in their new classes and probably none in year 7 classes.

    You may be attached to a particular kid in some classes that has an individual education and health plan but that doesn't mean you cant help others.

    Make sure you are supporting the kids not doing the work for them. Some are very good at trying to get TAs to do all the work and you will need to be firm and fair about to what extent you will help and what they should be able to achieve themselves.
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