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Combined honours or single honours? Have to make a decision. Help, please.

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    I'm highly interested in two subjects (one science, one humanity) and want to pursue both to a higher level. This combination is rarely offered in a set combined honours course (though York, St Andrews will have it next year as well), and the option open to me right now is through a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree which will let me combine these two subjects (without forcing me to add others). The other option I have for 2016 entry is a single honours in the science subject.I've really thought about what I want from university, and it's not the social aspect I care about at all, nor do I want it to ONLY be a means to a job (it so happens that the science subject I'm interested in has good job prospects so both options are likely to lead to a job in the field anyway). I want to explore the subject/s in depth and really find my interests within them for their sake, mainly, which is what makes deciding between the two so difficult.

    Positives of combined: interdisciplinary modules, exploring both my subjects, international year, will open doors for further study in either.Negatives (quite significant in my opinion): not enough depth in either, feeling like I might be missing out on subject matter that might interest me, less time spent with peers studying either subject/time spend practicing, missing out on making links from modules I'm not studying that could help me in modules I am studying leading to not becoming proficient in either subject, not getting to discover interests due to having to take mainly compulsory modules, not advancing enough/naturally because I'm taking some first year modules in the second year, lecturers feeling like you're not committed to either subject all that much. PLUS I can't help but feel, from looking at the course details, etc that the emphasis through the core modules is developing skills such as 'entrepreneurship' and making yourself more marketable to employers, which I feel for me will take time away from focusing on my subjects, and kind of goes against what I want to go to uni for. Same too with its extracurricular 'cultural programme'.

    There is at the same time a kind of an academic focus, which is good but I get the feeling it is geared towards/would be more beneficial for economics/psychology/politics/history/geography, etc majors rather than for me. There's opportunity for a lot of exciting links between these subjects unlike my two subjects (there are a few which I explored in my EPQ, but not many).
    Do these worries seem substantial?

    Single honours option: I'd be doing just the science subject in great depth and find out what I love within it, with the opportunity to take some modules outside my department, which I'd opt to do in my humanities interest. The humanities subject is in high demand so who knows whether I'd actually get my preferences. The other things bothering me about this are the lack of an international year, potentially regretting not following up on my other subject, and the fact that I've got grades which exceed the entry requirements of ABB (it's a well ranked RG uni and the subject is in high demand generally), meaning I could go somewhere more competitive next year.

    What do I do?

    TL;DR: want to do two subjects at a higher level. Concerned that I won't get to really discover my interests/get good at either and feel that the general Liberal Arts and Sciences course is geared towards economics/psychology/history major types. With the single honours, will feel like door into the other subject will be closed + lack of opportunties in terms of an international year + low requirements mean I could go somewhere more competitive next year.
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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