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Do I stand a chance?

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    Hello there! . I'm a senior student in High School in Lithuania. My dream for many years was to study Electronics and Electrical Engineering at University of Edinburgh, and I was quite certaint I could do that. But as I am starting my last year of High School I'm starting to get worried, if I'm good enough.

    I was 13 years old when I picked up electronics as a hobby. Over 5 years I have learned a lot, made many projects, designed my own schematics, PCBs, diagnosed them and more. For the past couple years I even started making money out of it. I love it, and just want to learn more, and get deeper into it. Thats why I would love to study at University of Edinburgh.

    Now as for academical results, I'm not bad. I study at quite great gymnasium, and I'm great at maths, physics, IT and chemistry. Although I'm quite lazy, it's easy for me to understand those subjects. I guess I am just one of those persons who can not study at all for the test and nail it. It's usually enough for me to pay attention in class to learn the subject. I have also won some competitions in physics, math and chemistry.

    As far as English goes, I'm great at reading and listening, but my bad side is writing and maybe talking. My biggest problem is vocabulary. I can only learn words if I'm using them. I can force myself learn new words, but if I don't use them for say few weeks, I forget them, it's a hopeless case. Anyway...

    Edinburgh's minimum requirements for students from my country is:

    Award of Brandos Atestatas with 9/10 in all Year 12 subjects to include three subjects at extended A (isplestinis) level plus three state exams at 85/100 to include required subjects.

    And typical offer:

    Award of Brandos Atestatas with 9/10 in all Year 12 subjects to include three subjects are extended A (isplestinis) level plus three state exams at 90/100 to include required subjects.

    My grades from last year are:
    10 - Physics, math, IT, chemistry 9/10 - other subjects (including english) and... 8 - Lithuanian language.

    My guess is it will be somewhat the same this year. As far as exams go, I think I can get 95+ in math, physics, IT, if I'm lucky. As far as Lithuanian language goes its a gamble, but I guess it will be something from 55 to 75, and I certaintlly won't have a 9 as a grade, It will probablly be 8.

    Now I'm sorry it's such a long text, but I wanted to kinda desribe myself,
    because my question is Do I stand a chance?
    I mean should I get my hopes up, or will I most certainly get rejected?
    Would Lithuanian subject **** up this whole thing?

    Hi! I'm a fresher at the University of Edinburgh starting this September. Edinburgh obviously care about grades like any university but also the personal statement and your reference from teachers. You seem to have nailed the grades side of things, my advice would be simply to dedicate a lot of time and effort into the PS (you have some great extra curriculars which you can talk about) as well as brushing on your English for obvious reasons. You stand a great chance and have the utmost confidence in yourself that you'll get a place. Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions please PM me, I'd be happy to help

    With a good personal statement I can almost guarantee you will get in based on what you have mentioned. Make sure to talk about your extracurricular activities and to show your passion in the field. There's many tips and guides online but in general you want to CONVINCE them that you are good AND that you will contribute to the university. Now I am putting an emphasis on 'convince' because you don't want to say "I am excellent at maths, physics, electronics, etc.", you want to state that you are passionate about them and then (important part) SHOW that you are good at them. For example "My passion for X is reflected in my grades that put me at the top of my class" or "My passion for Y has led me to participate (and win) in Z competition". As for your extra-curricular activities, make sure to describe at least one cool project that you have done. Don't just say "I participated in cool projects" but say "I participated in several projects, [...] one of them being a [describe most interesting project]". It's easy for people to brag about how good they are in their personal statements, and the truth is: everyone does it. So if you want to stick out and be convincing you have to backup your arguments. I got into Edinburgh coming from a completely unknown college in Belgium. I was sure I wasn't going to get in, but after reading tons of tips about personal statements I ended up writing one that got me an offer from every university I applied to. If you want, I could send you my personal statement and relevant knowledge & skills documents. Also, don't worry about your English; Edinburgh is very internationally-oriented and since you are applying to a technical course it shouldn't play any role in your application. Good luck! (Also, consider applying to Imperial College, Cambridge and University College London as well!)
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    Thank you very much guys. I really appreciate your advice. I was almost panicking, but you calmed me down . I guess I just have to put a lot of thought into my PS, and keep my grades straight this year.
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