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Spanner in the works

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    Okay, I was looking for some advice.

    I've been seeing this guy from work for about 4 months now. We were both not long out of long relationships and it seemed to be what got us talking and falling for each other since we kind of understood how each other was feeling.

    Things have been really intense and we usually talk everyday whether its text, on the phone or video chatting, sometimes for hours each night. We see each other a lot too and dont even seem to get on each others nerves!

    We've even spoke about the future and have both said we can see being with each other and getting married, children etc (not now obviously!)

    Sounds good right? Well now comes the problem...

    Before we started talking, he had been seeing this other girl but she stayed really far away. He met up with her once but then she messed him around by talking to another guy so he stopped talking to her. But just recently there were rumours that she was pregnant so naturally he was concerned. He told me and i said he needed to ask her straight if it was true and if it was his. So he did...and it was true.

    When he told me i couldnt help but feel absolutely heartbroken. Its going to change things dramatically in his life and between us, and I really don't know how to feel about it.

    He still wants to be with me but I just don't know if i can do it. This baby will be in his life forever and so will the mum. Its tearing me up inside. But I care for him so much. Hes been there for me through so much and i can't see myself being without him.

    So I have two choices. I stop seeing him even though it would break my heart not to be with him. Or i stay but have to put on a brave face even though finding this out is killing me, and i dont know if i can watch him with someone elses baby that has nothing to do with me but is a part of him.

    So my question to you all is, if i stay, will i get over this? Will the pain get any easier?

    If anyone has been in a similar situation, any advice would be greatly welcome. My head is all over the place right now and im unsure of what to do 😔

    Are you sure the baby is his? Baby momma could have had multiple sexual partners since him and be lying to keep a hold of him

    You've known him for 4 months. Get over youself selfish girl. 4 ****ing months. Is that it? and you're getting so concerned. if you cant deal then get the **** out of there. FOUR MONTHS. FOUR MONTHS. Get over yourself you emotional beam
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    (Original post by Pinkberry_y)
    Are you sure the baby is his? Baby momma could have had multiple sexual partners since him and be lying to keep a hold of him
    The dates all add up and if it were someone after him she wouldn't have had him yet.

    She did sound very controlling and clingy from what I've heard, so my worry is that since they have to be in contact now will she try and get him back?
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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