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Friend not speaking to me

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    A friend used my ebay account to buy a present for his mum, a month later my boyfriend bought an item, and accidentally used his card which was still stored on paypal. He asked me about it, I apologised a lot for the mix up and immediately asked how he wanted the money back, he said he would send me the details, and he didn’t. I tried to call, and message him to sort it out, apologising each time, with no response. I ended up posting him the money.

    Ebay have now refunded him the money as well as me giving him the cash. He still will not answer calls or messages. I know it was crappy that his card got used, but it was a genuine mistake, and I’ve appogised as much as I can. He has also had the money back twice now. I work with him too, but have been on holiday so have not seen him since it happened. Should I just leave it now and accept the friendship is over? We normally sit together in the office, but the places are not fixed so I can sit anywhere. I have anxiety so this kind of thing causes me a lot of stress.
    How should I handle this situation?

    I'm 15 so sorry if my response is a bit confusing. I was in a similar situation when I used all of my friends mobile data and she got really mad at me. Your friend may be ignoring you or he may be in deep reflection. If he doesn't talk to you, trust me, you'll still live. It's really awkward being in the same room as someone who holds some sort of grudge on you. I advise you to try and talk to him, even if it makes you feel shy. You could wait for him to approach but it is best to get the weight off your shoulders as soon as possible especially since you have anxiety. If the unfortunate happens (what I say now is blunt I'm sorry :> ) , you will have to learn to live that way. Sadly not everything is meant to last forever. With that being said, I wish you the best!!!!

    He needs to grow up, you've apologised enough, let him make the next move

    I think he needs to grow up. you've apologised more than you needed to. Up to him to make the next move

    I'm not even sure I would have apologised at all. It's his mistake in the first place, he should have closed the paypal thing and it would never have happened. And if he doesn't want to speak with you anymore because of that... well he's an *******.

    Anyway, how much was the item? It's up to you. I would ask him once, and he doesn't give it back to you just forget about him.
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    It was £25, so not a huge amount
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Updated: September 3, 2016
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