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What was the worst thing you did at medical school?

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    A friend of mine urinated all over a service station whilst drunk on our way to a sports tour to another country by coach. Other drunk medics were going around shouting and yelling and in the end the people at the service station kicked us all out and the coach driver refused to drive us to the ferry because the of the state people were in (puking everywhere or yelling)

    (Original post by Beska)
    I didn't drop him on the floor. He just tipped over sideways from a sitting position on the exam table and banged his head on the wall. He had a bump on his head and was pretty upset, but fine otherwise.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I just read a thread where the OP had skipped a placement then lied about it and got in trouble with the medical school, and it reminded me of a really embarrassing incident as a student (only 2 years ago!).

    I was caught by one of the smoking officers smoking outside the hospital (in a very quiet part with no one else around though I appreciate it was still on the grounds!), he took my details (think I was so terrified that I handed them over instead of lying and saying I was a relative) and told the medical school. I was given a minor "concern" point and embarrassingly had to discuss it at my viva... but overall no harm done! I still cringe thinking about it though.

    What was your biggest faux pas as a student?
    What an absolute a-hole.

    (Original post by nexttime)
    I mean, re the skipping placement thing I don't think I knew anyone who didn't do that regularly. I never heard of anyone getting punished though.

    Obviously I've done the classic make a hash of taking blood in a patient on aspirin/warfarin and given them a huge haematoma. So guilty.

    Can't really think of anything else personally. I kept my nose out of trouble with the med school anyway!
    I did that in year 3 of med school. Taking blood from soneone on warfarin. Hadn't taken gauze to bedside. Pulled needle out without removing tourniquet first. Blood poured everywhere so pressed thumb over it and called for help...
    made such a mess...
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