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Bethesda jobs

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    Hello, if I had lots of game ideas, and wanted a big company like Bethesda to hear them, is there a job that comes up with the ideas and helps write them? Not coding the game, just writing out the story, the aims and everything but the actual coding.

    Don't know why you would ever want to go to Bethesda for a job on writing the storyline. Almost all of Bethesda's games have storylines ranging from bland to absolute crap. I would rather go to a company like Obsidian, who made F:NV and South Park or CDPR instead.

    Your best bet to getting hired or noticed would be to start pushing out mods yourself using their modding tools. IceFrog made the DotA mod for Warcraft, and it spawned LoL and Dota 2, some of the biggest games in the world.

    There certainly are art, writing and music jobs. Go to the developer websites and there should be a link called 'Careers' or 'Openings'. Keep in mind that these are really competitive jobs. There aren't too many people who would turn down the chance to make quests for Bethesda games.

    Here's the Jobs page for Zenimax, the parent company for Bethesda.


    If you're keen on advertising your writing skills, Telltale or Bioware are your two best bets.

    Yeah there's jobs like that, are you a keen writer or are you a "I'm gonna make games when I'm older" kinda person...?

    How old are you?...
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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