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2nd Year - starting at open university

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    I was just hoping for some advice / tips on how to handle open university. I am all registered, modules chosen and it is too late to change my mind (plus I need to do this for my career) I just hope I can stay organised enough to keep up.

    I hated the university I was at before, including the tutors and other students. It was all uploaded online anyway so I may as well have stayed at home!! So Open University seems perfect.

    The only other thing I am worried about is the end of year exam. My course before, despite being the exact same one, was all coursework based.... I know I cannot avoid exams forever, but I am stressing already and it is not until June!!!

    Arh what have I done haha... any words of wisdom?

    I did a science module and found that in order to make enough time for revision I had to be ahead of the schedule they set up for you online. They only gave two weeks for revision before exam when I had planned 6 weeks. Got 75% so very happy with my result.

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    Yeah, try to get ahead a bit, but also revise through the year. Read over any notes a few hours after you cover something, and set aside some extra time for revising every week. You'll probably remember the content better, so won't need to spend as long revising by exam time.
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    This may seem a stupid question, but revise for... the exam?

    Will I know what its going to be then ,other than obviously something to do with the module... its just such a big module that could range from absolutely anything :/

    Use the learning outcomes for each chapter to guide your study and focus on padding out those for the exam. There'll be way too much information to remember it all but the LO's are a good pointer towards the most important aspects of each chapter. That and buy the past exam papers early and get used to common questions/themes and the way the exams are laid out.
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