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Advice! Want to quit apprenticeship

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    I posted asking for advice
    as to leaving my apprenticeship to join college In another thread but it's a long story which explains everything properly so if you want to read it it should be back on the forum somewhere but I know that some people may not want to read such a long story which is understandable so I've made another shorter version so that people can hopefully help, long story short I am not enjoying my level two business apprenticeship and would like to leave to start college in two weeks (last minute decision) on an access to nursing course but I have two weeks time before the course starts to find a part time job to support me through college, enrol for the course and apply for a government loan and so I want to quit my apprenticeship asap so I have the time to get all of this done before the course starts, I am wondering if I would need to give notice as an apprentice? I have had jobs in the past so I know the correct way to resign however is it different with apprenticeships? Could I just send an email to the boss formally explaining I won't be returning to work tommorow and why?I don't see why they would need me to do any notice because I wouldn't be of any use to them once I announce I'm leaving and they themselves know there is enough staff to cover the workload as it is, and I think it would be an inconvenience to them to pay me for an extra week or so when I am not needed.So is emailing my boss explaining my reasons for not coming back acceptable? It'sMonday tommorow so I plan to enrol to college and visit my apprenticeship provider to explain that my apprenticeship isn't working out for me if I tell my boss I won't be returning to work tommorow.Please give me some advice?

    Take it as a sick day.

    But no, I'd notify them properly and why.
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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