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I'm Heavily Delusional but atleast I have Rhythm

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    (Original post by Rhythmical)
    The One That Got Away

    I have this best friend and we have known each other since 2001. I am a year older than her but we met up in nursery and we have stayed in a committed relationship ever since I smelt her strawberry blonde hair that smells of apples. I kid of course. But she reminds me of those lovely Herbal Essences adverts and I would love to eat her one day.

    I went to Pizza Hut one day on my own. I was 16, sick and tired of eating Supernoodles so I ventured outside and managed to eat some spinach pizza that for the love of me, was like eating grass. :mad: but I was so sad that day. I felt as if I wanted to eat Weetabix out of the box and forego the milk. But my brain had some light bulb moment and I was like "I love my best friend so much I think I need to marry her." all whilst ordering a cookie dough and ice cream dessert.

    After spending too much money at Pizza Hut that I absolutely hate now because the spinach put me off, I went outside near to the river and I text my best friend.

    "I hope this isn't weird but you're single, I'm single and you keep complaining that nobody wants you so why don't we just date." I sent it and I wasn't nervous at all. Albeit it was supposed to be a joke in a way but if she wanted to give it a go I was actually so excited. It made sense to but I was at such a low point in my life, a lot had happened in the year of 2014 so I felt like she could save me. I didn't expect such a fast response but within ten minutes I had my answer.

    "Sana (my name), is this some joke? I love you but I'm not a lesbian, sorry!" so I became a savage and text her this;

    "Well excuse me but you always complain you can't find someone so I was just giving you a good and easy option but it's fine with me. We would be good together " in a way I wasn't sad but it was so annoying because she didn't appreciate I was doing her a favour like seriously she still hasn't bloody found someone and she lost the best person she could have had...

    I ended up ringing her and she was laughing and she said that if she ever needed someone to experiment with she'd call me after this little crazy situation I did it again just to ask, it's like I thought we would be perfect together but sometimes you have to let these people go. Her mother thinks we are lesbians practically and someone saw my birthday card from her and asked if she was my girlfriend. I tell them that in many of my dreams and visions she is my chicken to my curry, the wheel to my car.. Yeah you get the message xD

    We are very close still to this day but she text me on 30th August asking if I am still alive and I haven't replied yet and she even rang me and I declined. I'm showing her just how much it hurt to lead me on, flirt with me and then tell me she doesn't like me. :cry2: she had lipstick on once and kissed me

    She is the one that got away, we could have had beautiful mixed race children, with blonde hair and caramel skin and daughters who wore pig tails with bows and ribbons. I would hold them tight but sadly it wasn't meant to be...

    The morale here is; if you like someone, please just drop whatever it is and tell them. If I could do it then you can too. Don't let the heart suffer and break when you see the one you want hugging someone else as their apple infused blonde hair is caressed lovingly by another blonde man who stole your potential girlfriend.
    wow now that was a good read! I want more! I was gripped.
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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