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Obama wearing a bright red suit!

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    Just watching on BBC news of Theresa May and Barack Obama reaffirming the 'special relationship'


    Obama looks normal in a suit whilst Theresa May is wearing bright red and to me she looked like a clown and I imagined if it was the other way round and May was wearing a normal colour and Obama in a bright red suit!

    How is it somehow rationalised that as a woman it is fine what she is wearing?

    Just reminds me of Thatcher in that bright blue dress she always wore.

    Watched this morning, didn't even notice.

    Not sure why you feel this is so relevant that you make a thread (with a misleading title) for it...

    Red is a fortunate colour for the CHinese, the Chinese also got the red carpet out for the UK but not for the US.

    May is cosying up to China in order to get their forgiveness for (rightly) delaying Hinkley point, whilst China wants it to go ahead as soon as possible as then they'll have some of our national vital organs in a vice. Hence why they have the red carpet treatment for her.

    Typical politics-The few get the lovely treatment, whilst they barter on the altar of the masses.

    Best regards

    Still has better dress sense than Corbyn.
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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