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Should I buy this laptop?

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    title+ At the moment I have got a MacBook Pro 13" mid-2012 version, I bought it when it was released(the mac), I feel like it's turned into this person

    Anyway, the laptop I want to buy is the Lenovo Ideapad 500 Intel Core I7 version

    12GB RAM
    2TB Hard Drive
    its graphics card is an AMD Radeon R7 M360
    it lasts 3.5 hours(a bit *****y but I always have laptops on charge)
    and it comes in black and silver or white.
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    why has no one commented?

    (Original post by PHD2027)
    why has no one commented?
    Probably because these sorts of questions get asked far too often. There's always some "Should I buy this laptop" style question. That and you haven't given any useful details.

    What do you want it for? Are you trying to get a Macbook replacement? That's a fairly high spec laptop, will you actually be using all that power? What sort of budget do you have? Is it for college, Uni, writing essays or something else?

    We can't say if you should buy it without any information. If you just want it for essays then it's overkill. If you need the power there may be better devices. There's also lighter options, options with better battery life and so on. For example that GPU will eat up battery life. If you aren't using it you're wasting your money and your battery. Without more information we have nothing to go on.
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Updated: September 5, 2016
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