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Your five/ten year plan..

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    2016 -18 - Get my A levels.
    2018 -21 - Anatomy degree at Dundee university
    2021 -23 - Physician associate postgraduate diploma at Manchester university
    2023 -.......- Work as a physician associate(PA) in general practice.

    Promotion in 2018
    Promotion to management in 2022
    Election as a councilor 2021-2025 (want to defend my seat so ideally 2021)
    Election to parliament from 2029
    Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet position by 2039
    Retirement by 2050

    Be in a position of net savings by end of 2017 (excluding student loans i have about £2k of debt and a £500 overdraft).
    Begin investing by end of 2018
    Own my own home by 2030
    Pension pot of £2m - A fantasy but something to work towards

    Lose 174lb (lost 55lb so far), Run/Cycle a 10k, Lift 200lb with arms, torso and legs all by 2020
    Marriage and 3 children by 2025


    Can't think of anything else for now.

    1) Finish my GCSEs and get majority A*-B (I'll be fine with Cs in maths and French)
    2) Start A levels in History, Government and politics and either business studies or English lit I haven't decided yet
    3) Get into Durham uni and study Law
    4) Secure a training contract
    5) Hopefully get a job as a trainee solicitor
    6) Earn enough money to move further south, get a house, adopt a dog and travel a lot

    2016 - 2019 : Study OT
    2020 - retirement : Work as OT in some capacity OR possibly go on to further further education
    20?? - Meet a nice lady, get married, have 1 or 2 kids, buy a house together
    Unsure whether I'll stay in London or move back to Yorkshire

    Hospital pre reg
    Rotational pharmacist at uni doing diploma with IP
    Band 7 oncology pharmacist
    Consultant oncology pharmacist after a DPharm (likely need to move for this)

    In between: travel, eat, married, own a cosy london flat and loose the bit of uni wieght (NOT IN THAT ORDER HAA)

    5 years - hopefully a reporter/doing something media related in the news/happy/dating
    10years - having a wife/becoming a senior reporter/starting a company to help youths and giving advice at events

    1) Complete my marketing and advertising degree
    2) learn Spanish
    3) Start a business
    4) Travel and write about it
    5) Maybe move country?

    2016-2019) Graduate with a 1st in my degree
    2019 - 2023) Apply to JET and teach English in Japan (preferably in Shizuoka, Fukuoka, or Miyagi Prefecture) continue studying Japanese
    2023 - 2024/5) Pass my JLPT at level N1 and do my postgrad whilst in Japan
    2024 - ?) Get a permanent position as a teacher in Japan

    Probably won't be easy but hey, it's worth a shot for sure

    survive depression
    finish university with my intellectual dignity intact
    M.A. at Oxford is already a fantasy
    earn enough to not have my family look down on me, or my family rivals as a fact
    live together with my partner- bye bye holidays and hello savings
    get married
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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