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People really need to stop self victimising themselves when it comes to race

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    Lot of people love bringing race into things even when its not related. Remember the whole Ellene Degeneres fiasco? People called Ellen a racist over a picture. People really need to grow up and not be so sensitive about issues like these and focus on bigger issues like education.

    You can't say anything these days without "offending" people, it's so sad.

    That's what happens when you get a bunch of snowflakes together telling each other that they are victims of something or another.
    I think the reason for this is that there is nothing for people to fight for any more i.e we had black people fighting for civil rights, we've had nations fighting another for survival, we've got homosexual people fighting to be free from religious decrees that they're bad.
    But todays SJWs have nothing to fight against so they have to make up stuff to fight against.

    I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree.

    I get tired of hearing people bring up slavery and use that imagery. It makes me feel like as black people we're not grateful for simply being alive and born into a time where we can now go to swimming pools, unis, apply for jobs, have interracial relationships without getting lynched etc. MLK Jr literally did not die for us to become blind-sighted about how far we've come.

    But at the same time, look at how extreme police brutality is in America. Racial Profiling is a thing here too, and there is a lot of research showing that Impoverishment of black people is a result of years of systematic racism. It is scientifically proven that racial preference is a thing and we are more in favour of people with a lighter complexion in our subconscious. These biases cause problems for us.

    I wish SJW were a little less IN YOUR FACE. A lot of the issues SJW bring up nowadays are frankly just First World Problems and First World Problems make me cringe because I have cousins in less privileged countries that still thrive with little.

    Basically if you're not black, you won't get it.


    when people say "white privilege" about something, sometimes it's just what they think it is. but they see it as a fact. there could be other reasons why certain people have something like.. a shorter sentence in jail, but there are many white people who have it the same way as everyone else.

    maybe i'm just living in england and it's not as bad here idk lol
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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